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Featuring: The ANH heavy duty J-pole Antenna

The Solexy ANH series heavy duty antenna is the go to antenna for the harshest atmospheres. This higher gain solution antenna will take the beating of most process environments. It is designed to meet the demands of oil field and off shore rig production sites, and is constructed from proven materials, with highly oil and chemical resistant ABS, nickel plated fittings and gold contacts.

The J-Pole Antenna can provide a higher gain solution, with more stability in a smaller package than a typical Collinear Antenna. Because of the 5/8″ connection, there should never be another broken antenna.

This high performance antenna delivers up to 4.35 dBi gain with a 360 degree spherical radiation pattern for transmitting and receiving in all directions.

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J-Pole Technology

This highly stable, higher gain antenna goes the distance and is in a smaller package compared to other high gain antennas. With a higher gain ground plane it is less sensitive to its installed environment ensuring stable communication at longer distances.

ANH Heavy Duty Series

Rugged Construction allows the use of our antennas in hostile environments where weather and abuse are a factor.


Available for 868 Mhz, 900 Mhz and 2.4 GHz

N Male Connector

Available for vertical or 90° mounting

Technical Information:

Radiation Omni
Polarization Vertical
Wave J-Pole Configuration
Connector  N Male Brass nickel plated
Material UV resistant ABS
Ambient temp. range
-40°C +80°C


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