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Product Applications – Entertainment Industry

North American Sales Company, Inc. (NASCO) is representing or distributing a variety of products that support theater and entertainment production.

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Gleason Reel is one of NASCO’s trusted partners by supplying Cable & Hose management systems for electrification, sound, video, air and fluids. Cable Reels, Festoons, Track, Conductor Bar and Slip Rings are just some of their offerings.  Custom designs such as hybrid, power & fiber optic systems to something as specific as custom colors to blend in with the surroundings are available.

Entertainment industry applications of the following Gleason products:

Looking down the shaft of the telescoping light and music show.

Looking down the shaft of a telescoping light and music show for an amusement park. A Gleason WB and S Reel, provides Power and Signal. The WB reel on the left contains the Fiber Optic cable installed on a continuous contact reel. It’s an ideal solution were slip ring assemblies are not permitted. A dual spool and pulley system transfers the cable from one spool to the other, allowing cable payout and retrieve.

The power reel like the fiber optic reel is provided with a unique disposable Safety-change spring pack.


Scoreboard Application:


Specially designed motorized Level Wind Gleason reels are installed above the Scoreboard in a Professional Sports and Entertainment center. A typical installation are fixed overhead cable drops. As the Scoreboard is raised the cables drop and randomly pile up in a storage area in the center of the scoreboard. This installation requires a reinforced basket type bottom and additional structural elements to support the cable weight. The ceiling mounted Gleason Level Wind Cable Reels eliminate all cable weight on the score board structure, providing a versatile and more esthetically pleasing scoreboard.



Stay tuned for more updates and application pictures of Nasco products used in the entertainment industry! We are continuously updating our content!

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