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Ellis - a global expert in the design & manufacture of safety-critical cable cleats for over 60 years.

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Throughout our 60 year history Ellis has been a globally trusted name in safety-critical cable cleats. Our proven reliability safeguards vital operations across diverse sectors, from wind farms to nuclear power plants, during electrical short circuits.



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Cable Tray and Ladder Adapters

We offer a range of cable tray and ladder adapters designed for Ellis cable cleats. These adapters ensure secure connections using stainless steel construction and are available with M10 or M12 accessories.

Compatible Tray and Ladder Manufactures

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Cleat Calculator

Welcome to the Ellis cleat calculator. This tool has been designed to aid in the selection of cable cleats. For any further advice or for a quote please contact us, we are happy to help!

This calculator is designed to provide correctly specified cleat spacings with respect to short circuit conditions. The calculator considers; cable formation, cable size, short circuit current and the installation environment. Further detail on the calculator and other factors that effect cable spacing is provided below the calculator.

60 Years of Innovation

“We have brought more unique products to market than any other cable cleat manufacturer. As a centre of excellence, we can design complete cable cleat installations tailored to the project specific needs of our customers, and work extensively to address the challenges each project faces and deliver expertly engineered solutions every time. Our tried and tested technology is embedded into safe, reliable cable cleats that will serve you well for years to come.”

Richard Shaw, Ellis Patents’ Chairman.