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How Cable Guide Clamps are used in Offshore Wind farms

Ellis Cable Guide Clamp Wind Energy

Did you know that Ellis Patents supplies cable guide clamps for the wind industry?

Case study below shows the use of Ellis Cable Guide Clamps in Offshore Wind farms.

Project: Siemens Helwin 2 Offshore Windfarm

Delivery DateJuly 2014
Project nameHelwin Beta 690MW grid link
Project locationHelgoland, eastern region North Sea
Scope of supplyCustom Made Cable Guide Clamps




Before we even start talking about Ellis Cable Guide clamps, let’s cover the requirements of the project first.

The requirement was to feed seven 117 mm diameter cables along a specific route within a fabricated structure, which featured a significant number of twists and turns. The problem was that there was no existing product that would enable the cables to be installed in an efficient, safe and cost-effective manner.

cable run on offshore platform


The Ellis engineering team, which has previously developed a roller system for installation of HV cables in power tunnels, took stock of the situation and set to work developing a solution that would secure the Siemens specification, and see them become the first company in the world to offer a two in one cable guide and clamp.

Furthermore, within six weeks of the initial meeting, Siemens had approved our new product design. Additionally, two weeks later, five working prototypes successfully passed an installation trial in Germany. Moreover, less than a month after that, Ellis had received the order and had the tooling ready for mass production.

Download Cable Guide Clamps Datasheet here

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To Sum Up – What is Ellis Cable Guide Clamp?

The Ellis Cable Guide clamp has been designed, developed, tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61914 (cable cleats for electrical installations).

The Cable Guide Clamp is a unique combination of cable guide and cable clamp. Designed to be installed along the cable route in place of rollers, cable is pushed and pulled through the guide to its final location. The Cable Guide Clamp’s fully gimballed mounting and slippery nylon construction ensures that friction is minimized.

Once the cables are in position, the top half of the Cable Guide Clamp is removed, an LSF Polymeric insert is added and the lid replaced, which turns the Cable Guide Clamp from a guide to a clamp.

Know, that we supply this product complete with fully galvanized full gimballed heavy duty mounting frame, ready for fixing to the support structure. Ellis also supplies cable guide clamps with an LSF Polymeric pad specifically sized for the cable being installed.

Download Cable Guide Clamps Datasheet here

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