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New press release from Ellis – Guaranteed Lifespan of Cable Cleats


Ellis Cable Cleats Lifespan

Cable cleats innovator, Ellis has once again demonstrated why it is the global market leader by investing £15k in new in-house testing technology that enables predicting a cable cleats lifespan, and removes a major barrier to entry into a number of new industries.

The North Yorkshire manufacturer of cable cleats products and accessories, which exports to over 40 countries, has purchased a QUV accelerated weathering tester machine that enables it to accurately predict the lifespan of all of its products; meaning they can sell them with a guaranteed lifespan.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “Up until now we haven’t been able to guarantee a specific length of product life, which has proved to be a stumbling block when seeking to enter new markets – in particular when it comes to UV degradation of polymer products. And given polymer products have only been around for 40 years, there’s no historic supporting information available for them.”

“The investment in the QUV machine puts us in the advantageous position of being able to accurately, and confidently, state the installed lifespan of all polymer products, and provide a guarantee to that effect.”

Ellis commissioned the unit in October, and has already commenced a testing program that will eventually catalog projected lifespans for every one of its numerous polymer products.

The company’s testing facilities, which are managed by newly appointed, laboratory technician, Graham Matthew, enable Ellis to carry out all necessary product testing, with the exception of short-circuit tests, in-house.

Commenting on his new role, Graham said: “Ellis has a mighty reputation and when you take a look at the investment going into the business, covering everything from new product development to the testing and then manufacture of market ready products it’s easy to understand why.”

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