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Featuring Metallic Adaptors and Reducers

Certified Adaptors Reducers Peppers Cable Glands

Adaptors & Reducers Product Description:

Today we are featuring “AR” Series Peppers Certified Metallic Adaptors and Reducers.

These Peppers products provide a method of matching electrical thread
forms on Ex equipment whilst maintaining Ex d, Ex e, Ex tb and Ex nR methods of explosion
protection. Approved for use in mining (except Aluminum) and surface installations, they
maintain IP66 & IP68 for IEC type applications and Class I Division 1 and NEMA 4X for
CEC / NEC type applications. All external metric threads are fitted with a nitrile O-ring
as standard.

Compliance standards:

EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1, EN 60079-7, EN 60079-15, EN 60079-31
IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-1, IEC 60079-7, IEC 60079-15, IEC 60079-31 & 60529
C22.2 (see certificate), UL514B, UL1203, ANSI/UL 60079-0/1/7, ISA 60079-31, UL 50E


ATEX I M2 II 2GD Exd I Mb / Ex d IIC Gb / Exe I Mb / Ex e IIC Gb / Ex tb IIIC Db
II 3G Ex nR IIC Gc
IECEx Ex d I Mb / Ex d IIC Gb / Exe I Mb / Ex e IIC Gb / Ex tb IIIC Db /
Ex nR IIC Gc
CEC – Canada

Class I Zone 1 Ex d IIC / Ex e IIC / Class II Zone 21 Ex tb IIIC
Class I Division 1, Groups A, B, C & DClass II Division 1, Groups E, F & G
Class III, Enclosure Type 4X

NEC – USA Class I Zone 1 AEx d IIC Gb / AEx e IIC Gb / Class II Zone 21 AEx tb IIIC Db
Class I Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D
Class II Division 1, Groups E, F & G
Class III, Enclosure Type 4X
EAC Exd IU / Exd IICU / Exe IU / Exe IIU / ExnR IIU
INMETRO – Brazil Ex d I Mb / Ex d IIC Gb / Exe I Mb / Ex e IIC Gb / Ex tb IIIC Db /
Ex nR IIC Gc
SAC – China Ex d IIC / Ex e IIC
UKRAINE Exd IU / Exd IICU / Exe IU / Exe IIU
CCoE-India Ex d IIC Gb / Ex e IIC Gc
ABS Specified ABS Rules
LLOYD’S Enclosure Systems (Part 1B)
RMRS Part XI of Rules for sea-going ships (ed.2014)

Certification numbers:

IECEx IECEx SIR 09.0131X
CEC – Canada CSA 2310046
NEC – USA CSA 2310046
EAC RU C-GB.ГБ06.В.00098
INMETRO – Brazil NCC 13.2189 X
SAC – China NEPSI GYJ16.1404X
UKRAINE UA.TR.047.C.0408-13 & 2937
CCoE – India PESO P365300/9 & P365300/12
ABS 14-LD1183401-PDA
LLOYD’S 10/00056(E1)
RMRS 14.02755.315

Example part numbering of Adaptors / Reducers:

AR Thread converting Adaptor/Reducer
1 No IP O-ring(0) – Nitrile (1) – Silicone (3)
B Brass (B) – Stainless Steel (S) – Aluminum (A)
F Ex d & Ex e certification including Marine Approvals
NP Nickel Plated
M20 Male Entry Thread
M25 Female Entry Thread

Optional Accessories for Adaptors / Reducers

(*) IP Washers (N) Nylon (ACNSW) / (V) Fibre (ACFSW) / (H) PTFE (ACPSW)
(T) Earth Tag Brass (ACBET) / St-Steel (ACSET) / Aluminum (ACAET)
(L) Locknut Brass (ACBLN) / St-Steel (ACSLN) / Aluminum (ACALN)
(S) Serrated Washer Stainless Steel (ACSSW)
IP RATING: IP66 & IP68 (100 metres for 7 days) & NEMA 4X
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: O-ring – None -100°C to +400°C
O-ring – Nitrile -30°C to +100°C
O-ring – Silicone -60°C to +200°C
MATERIALS: Brass, Stainless Steel or Aluminum
PLATING: Electroless Nickel

Male and Female Thread References and Size information can be found on page
40 of this product catalogue. Adaptor and Reducer size information is available on 
pages 41 + 42 of our product catalogue. Male and female threads are manufactured
in accordance with:

• ISO Metric threads to ISO 965-1, ISO 965-3, BS3643 and IEC 60423
• NPT and NPS threads are in accordance to ANSI B1.20.1
• PG threads to DIN40430
• ET threads to Imperial Conduit BS31
• ISO Pipe Parallel to ISO 228 and BS2779 (BSPP, G, R, PF & Tpy 6)
• ISO Pipe Taper to ISO 7-1 and BS21 (BSPT, Gc, Gk, Rk, PT & Kmpy 6)


• Assembly instructions must be read prior to installation and adhered to in full.
• For Ex d applications female threads must comply with clause 5.3 of IEC 60079-1.
• For Ex nR applications parallel entry threads must be installed with a suitable
entry thread seal.
• ATEX / IECEx versions are supplied as standard.
• Additional approvals must be requested at time of order.
• Where applicable, the standard O-ring material is nitrile.
Other options are available upon request.
• Aluminum versions are not suitable for Group I Mining applications.

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