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Featuring: Floor Based Hydraulic Upender by Bushman Equipment

HYDRAULIC UPENDERS by Bushman Equipment upend coils, molds, dies, paper rolls, cylinders and other heavy, bulky loads and turn them within a 90-degree radius. Hydraulic coil upenders handle heavy jobs smoothly and efficiently. North American Sales Company, Inc. represents Bushman Equipment in California and Nevada.

Standard Features:

The hydraulic upender’s power unit provides an ideal power source for secondary functions such as shifting saddles and pallet centering.

The lower platform of a hydraulic upender facilitates loading and unloading so that they can accommodate a variety of equipment for secondary handling functions including

Roll discharge tilt platforms

Shifting saddles

Pallet-centering systems

Load and unload conveyors.

Options for Flexibility

Hydraulic upender platforms can handle a wide variety of load configurations, including long loads such as paper rolls, or other loads whose length is significantly greater than its width or diameter

Many industrial applications require tilting which is an available option for hydraulic upenders

Various types of conveyor decks are available to accommodate specific loads

Traveling upenders can be equipped with wheels for rail travel or mobile use

Bushman Equipment, Inc. upenders can be modified to work in most systems with automatic operation

One platform on a hydraulic upender may be significantly smaller than the other, making these upenders suitable for loads that are larger in one dimension

These coil upenders can also handle more than one coil.


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