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As a part of their full range of product offerings, ABTECH manufactures a wide range of electrical enclosures and junction boxes. They are renowned for the quality of their designs which allows their enclosures to be used in the most demanding applications. They have successfully supplied a large number of major projects throughout the world; as a result have an enviable reputation for quality and support.

All of ABTECH hazardous area products are designed and certified to the latest international (IECEx) and European (ATEX) standards, as well as certified regionally to suit global project requirements, including NEMA (CSA, UL & FM), GOST-R, GOST-K, InMetro and AExe.

ABTECH Products

Hazardous Area Enclosures


BPG (GRP) – Glass Reinforced Polyester EnclosuresDownload BPG (GRP) Catalog

Ideal for Petrochemical and Marine Applications

Can be drilled and tapped to accommodate most thread forms (NPT for example)



BPGA (GRP) – Glass Reinforced Polyester Junction BoxesDownload BPGA (GRP) Catalog



The BPGA range of enclosures are ATEX and IECEx certified Ex‘e’ and are suitable for use in Category 2/Zone 1 & 21 and Category 3/ Zone 2 & 22 areas according to EN 60079-14.


GRN (Polycarbonate) Enclosures Download GRN (Polycarbonate) Enclosures Catalog



GRN8 Enclosure has been designed as a cost-effective junction box for use in hazardous areas.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Manufactured in UL approved UV stabilized polycarbonate

Available as a pre-assembled terminal box or as an empty enclosure for OEM applications


ZAG (Die-cast Aluminium) Enclosures Download ZAG Datasheet

zag-die-cast-aluminium hazardousareaenclosure-abtech-nasco


Precision die cast in AL-Si 12 Grade (LM24) aluminum alloy which is considered to be the most suitable grade of aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance especially in salt laden atmospheres.

Excellent ingress protection qualities – enclosure has been tested to and passed IP 65/66/67.

SX (Stainless/Mid Steel) Enclosures Download SX (Stainless/Mid Steel) Datasheet

stainless steel enclosures


Wide Operating Temperature (-70C to +175C)  (-94F to +347F)

Ingres Protection up to IP68

Fire Resistant to IEC331

Impact Resistant >10 Nm

Corrosion Resistant

Certification for use in Zone 1 and 2

UL, CSA, IEC Ex, ATEX, FM, InMetro and GOST R and K Approvals

Ideal for Petrochemical and Marine applications.


SSD Ex d (Stainless Steel)EnclosuresDownload SSD Ex d (Stainless Steel) Datasheet

ssd enclos


Cost effective, custom sized enclosures.

Ingress protected to IP66 to EN60529

NAUTILUS-Submersible Stainless Steel Enclosures – Download  NAUTILUS Datasheet



Combines Ex e hazardous area certification with an unparalleled level of ingress protection

Designed for submersible applications.

Certified IP68 and 100 meters for five days to EN60529

Industrial Enclosures

BPG (GRP) Enclosures

ZAG (Die-Cast aluminium) Enclosures

ZP (ABS Plastic or Polycarbonate JB) Enclosures

SX (Stainless and Mild Steel Steel) Enclosures


High Voltage Junction Boxes

LR Box (3.3kV) – Download LR Box Datasheet




LR Box is designed to allow supply cable to enter and exit at 90 degrees from each other.


MJB (8.3kV) Download MJB Range Enclosures Datasheet


MJB Range Enclosures provide a simple, low cost but effective solution for the connection of high voltage cables.

MJB Enclosures are suitable for low temperature applications.


DPJB (11kV)



The DPJB Range Enclosures are designed to provide a safe solution for the connection of down hole pumps to offshore installations.

Suitable for high voltage applications up to a maximum of 11kV and is fully ATEX compliant.


SX125 (11kV) – Download SX125 Range Datasheet

sx125 high-voltage-enclosur-abtech-nasco-north-american-sales-company

SX125 Enclosures provide a unique solution for the termination of offshore umbilical cables or onshore distribution systems.

A separate control compartment is used for terminating fiber optic or control cables.


HVJB (11kV) – Download HVJB Datasheet

hvjb paint_enclosure-high-voltage-abtech-nasco-north-american-sales-company_1

The HVJB can accept up to 4 phase connections either straight through or bottom entry only. The unit can accommodate up to three connectors per phase.


HVJB 125 (11kV) – Download Datasheet


HVJB 125 provides a solution for the termination of offshore umbilical cables or onshore distribution systems.

Each compartment independently IP66

Fault rated 45kA for 1 second

DTS-01 deluge tested enclosure


BusBar Box (11kV) – Download BusBar Box Datasheet


BusBar 11kV enclosure is designed to safely carry high voltage supplies with extreme current loadings in Zone 1 hazardous areas.

Fully ATEX and IECEx compliant for Zone 1 and 2 Gas and Dust environments.

Class I, Division 2 and InMetro certified.


ABJB (15kV) – Download ABJB Datasheet


One unit can accommodate up to three connectors per phase.

Zone 1 & 21, Gas and dust / Clas 1 Div 2

Ex (Apparatus Certified), Ex tD (Dust Protected)


ABJB 125 (15kV)Download ABJB 125 Datasheet


Work on optical fibers or control conductors without isolating HV supply

Each compartment independently IP166

Range of paint and surface finishes


TFJB (36kV) – Download TFJB Datasheet


Up to 36kV in Zone 1 Areas

Fault rated 25kA for one second

Heavy duty machined hinges with lift off cover pad-locable cover

Zone 1 & 21, Gas and Dust Certification


4TJB (45kV) – Download 4TJB Datasheet


4TJB is designed for currents of up to 45kV in Zone 1 hazardous areas.

The IP66/67 enclosure is also DTS-01 deluge and Type 4X tested.



Fire Rated Enclosures

Explosive Proof Enclosures

Electrical Terminal Boxes

Download Abtech Hazardous Area Poster

Download Abtech Enclosures Catalog

Download Major Project List


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