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Adalet offers an extensive line of industrial enclosures for hazardous and rugged industrial applications. Enclosures are manufactured in a variety of materials, sizes, and types, supplied with variety of explosion proof fittings, accessories, and instrument and meter housings.


Stainless Steel Enclosures


JN4X Series JIC Enclosures: JN4XHSS (Continuous Hinge Clamped Cover Enclosure) or JN4XSS (Lift-Off Clamp Cover)

N4X Series Single door Enclosures (Corrosion Resistant Electrical Enclosures): Download Catalog

NEMA Type 4X Single Door Disconnect Enclosures: Download Catalog

AVSS Series Quarter Turn Latch Enclosures: Download Catalog

P3X / P4X Series Enclosures: Download Catalog

Enclosure Window Kits: Download Catalog

Wall Mounted Double Door Enclosures: Download Catalog

Free Standing single door Enclosures: Download Catalog

Free Standing Double Door: Download Catalog


 Increased Safety Enclosures

Types of Increased Safety Enclosures

TSC Series – Screw Cover Terminal Enclosures – Download TSC Series Catalog

CSC Series Pushbutton Station EnclosuresCSC4X6 Brochure, CSC Series Catalog Page

TN Series – Clamped door Terminal Enclosures Download TN Series Catalog

High Voltage Junction Boxes Download HV Series Catalog (Clamped Cover HV Enclosures)

VH4X / VC4X Series Quarter Turn Latch Terminal Enclosure


Explosion Proof Instrument Enclosures

Explosion Proof Meter Housings

Fiberglass Electrical Enclosures

Dust-Tight Enclosures & Dust-Ignition Proof Enclosures

Dust-Tight & Explosion Proof Panelboards

Polycarbonate Enclosures

Explosion Proof Equipment

Explosion Proof Motor Control

Explosion Proof Fittings

PLM Cable Fittings & PLM Cable Couplers

Non-Hazardous Cable Fittings

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