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Hubbell Incorporated produces a diverse portfolio of electrical and electronic items for commercial, industrial, utility, and telecommunications uses. With over 23 manufacturing divisions and several global subsidiaries, Hubbell offers such items as lighting fixtures, outlet boxes, insulators and ergonomic workstation solutions.

Due to the successful early implementation of a program for diversification that dates back over four decades, Hubbell´s strategy has proven sound, as its acquisitions have provided for stable long-term growth. While maintaining non-consumer electrical products as its core business, the company has also gained footholds in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment and high voltage cables.

As of today, Hubbell´s four key divisions have formed an empire with a reach that spans globally across a plethora of applications while still remaining centered on lighting and its application in a variety of spheres. The success of its substantial product base, which consumers use and rely upon daily, signals a profitable and limitless future ahead for Hubbell.

HUBBELL Products

  • Pendants & Pushbuttons
  • Magnet Controllers
  • AC & DC Controllers
  • Transfer Switches
  • Resistors
  • Speed Switches
  • Radio Crane Controls


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