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North American Sales Company, Inc. (NASCO) is a Manufacturer Representative and Supplier of Nexans AmerCable products. Nexans AmerCable’s highly flexible cables are engineered to provide greater durability and reliability even in harsh environments, such as oil & gas drilling and production, surface and underground mining, renewable energy (solar and wind), and in general industrial applications. Nexans AmerCable also provides top drive service loops.

Oil & Gas Applications:

Gexol (pronounced Jex-all)

  1. Suitable for extremely hazardous operating conditions in operating
    environments of offshore drilling and petroleum facilities around the world.

  2. Gexol cables are flame retardant (Certified to IEC 92-3 (332-3A)
    and IEEE 1580), have severe cold durability (Exceeds CSA Cold Bend / Cold
    Impact (-40C /-35C), are drilling mud and oil resistant.

  3. Dual certified IEEE 1580 Type P and UL 1309/CSA 245 Type X110

  4. Armored & Sheath version suitable for use in Class I, Div 1 and Zone 1

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CIR – Crush and Impact Resistant without external armoring

  1. Designed and manufactured as a flexible alternative to Type MC cable where specification requires crush and impact protection but user wants simpler, safer installation and less scrap.

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CIR – Gexol Arctic Grade Cables for Extremely Cold Operating Environmnets

  1. CIR is suitable for use in Class I, Div 2 and Zone 2 environments

  2. UL listed as TC-ER-HL (less than 1” OD)

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VFD – Variable Frequency Drive Cables

  1. Designed to provide 100% containment of EMI emissions and provide longer cable life in VFD applications.

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LSHF – Low Smoke Halogen-Free Cables

  1. Fire resistant and fire retardant

  2. Preferred LSHF cable by leading PA/GA system manufacturers

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CORFLEX – Type MC-HL Cables

  1. Designed for applications requiring an externally armored cable.

  2. Fit for harsh environment power and control circuits with 600V – 15kV ratings

  3. Suitable for Class I, II and III, Divisions 1 & 2 as per NEC 2008 and NEC 2011 (HL Rated)

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MMV – Marine Medium Voltage Cables

  1. Designed for applications that involve repeated flexing and high vibration environments such as commercial ships, mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs), and fixed or floating offshore facilities.

  2. he increased flexibility of this cable allows for termination of one end and coiling on multiple module offshore platforms. Then coiling and terminating other end when modules are mated at sea thereby reducing installation time.

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PA/GA Cables – Gexol-331HF Fire Resistant Low smoke Halogen-Free Public Address / General Alarm System Cable

  1. Exclusively approved by GAI-Tronics for use as the system cable for their SmartSeries public address/general alarm systems.

  2. Suitable for use in Class I, Division 1 and Zone 1 environments (armored and sheathed).

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SOOW Cable

  1. Flexible, highly durable portable power cable suitable for indoor or outdoor commercial and industrial-grade applications.

  2. Suitable for extra-hard usage per NEC Article 400.

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Assembly Solutions

  1. Precision Engineered Turn-key Cable Assemblies solutions for hazardous and industrial environments

  2. Highly reliable cable assemblies custom built in-house and tested
    to spec

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Top Drive Service Loops

  1. Standard loop packages for NOV (VARCO), Tesco and Can Rig

  2. DC Power, Instrumentation, Composite Power & Control, Thermocouple, Fiber Optic, Electro-Optic

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Dredging Cables

  1. Cables designed for harsh environment applications such as lake and deep sea dredging operations

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Mining Applications:

Underground Mining

  1. TPU jacketed cables for extremely harsh, abrasive mining environments

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Surface Mining

  1. TPU jacketed cables for extremely harsh, abrasive mining environments

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GexSIS-123 – High Performance Switchboard Wire

  1. A flexible, highly durable wiring cable designed for electrical panels, control panels and other electrical apparatus such as switchboard and hook-up wiring.

  2. May be used for power, control or electronics wiring.

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Cable Assemblies

  1. High quality jacketed electrical cables and cable assemblies for a wide variety of specialized mining and industrial applications

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Renewable Energy Applications:

Solar Energy (PV) Cables

  1. Type TC Multiconductor Photovoltaic Cable 2000V

  2. Type PV • UL4703 Photovoltaic Cable 2000V

  3. AmerSol — Dual-Certified (TÜV / UL / ETL) Photovoltaic Cable 600V/1000V

  4. AmerSol — Dual-Certified (TÜV / UL / ETL) 2000V/1000V

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Wind Power Cables

  1. Designed for the next generation of higher output turbine generators

  2. Carries both NEC markings for onshore applications and marine markings for offshore applications

  3. These cables utilize flexible stranded conductors and braided shields which make them very suitable for applications involving repeated flexing and twisting

  4. Withstands greater than 10,000 cycles of twist, 720 degrees in both directions

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