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Palazzo has secured a solid reputation of providing quality products through their history of manufacturing special purpose cables for unique applications. Depending on its intended use and the needs of the customer, specially tailored cables can be designed and manufactured according to a wide range of specifications and applications.

For cables that will be continuously flexed, reeled, tensioned, and installed in demanding and harsh environments, Palazzo has developed a flexible cable called the Palazzo Panzerflex® that excels in its use. For the latest technology of cables for indoor applications, Palazzo can produce the Mobile Cable produced in a halogen free version, with no toxic gases or opaque fumes emissions, in accordance with the most severe international standards.

Their ability to offer specialization means that Palazzo cables are more able to meet each customer´s particular requirements and demands than general purpose flexible cables. Palazzo´s unique ability to customize their cables to a specific need or application helps to improve performance and reduce down time.

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