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Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corporation (RSCC) is a world leader in the design & manufacture of insulated high performance Control, Power, Instrumentation and Specialty electrical cables. As experts in thermosetting and thermoplastic technology, RSCC specializes in engineered products resistant to the effects of chemicals, extreme temperatures, radiation, moisture, corrosion, flame, and other use hazards.

Over the years, numerous high-performance proprietary products have been developed to meet challenging customer needs. Their broad range of products has led to significant experience in providing service to industries requiring wire and cable for demanding applications.

For over 80 years RSCC has been committed to meeting the most demanding customer requirements offering cables that successfully perform on the ground, on the sea, in the air and space. Through innovative design, manufacturing excellence and unequaled customer service, their reliable performance in the most demanding environments has evolved into a trademark that ensures RSCC will be around for many years to come.

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