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Tratos (Cavi Spa), formerly a producer of general use telephone cables, transitioned into specialized cables and gradually experienced further expansion into thermoplastic insulation, electrometric materials and cross-linked polyethylene, with low emission of fumes, toxic gasses and flame retardant cables.

Tratos specially equipped laboratories employ a qualified team of expert technicians who work and acknowledge the importance of new product design and research as well as quality control.

Tratos factories utilize the most modern technology and equipment to manufacture quality products which undergo rigorous inspection procedures to check all aspects of production from the drawing of copper wire through final testing. Research and development engineers are constantly working on product improvement utilizing innovations in compounds, plant and materials to enhance the finished item.

Tratos finished quality cable products are guaranteed to have been inspected by knowledgeable staff dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer needs and providing the best possible advice, technical support and a service unrivalled for speed and efficiency.

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