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How to use Ellis Cable Cleat products in nuclear power plant


Case Study: Taishan Nuclear Power Project: EDF and China Gunagdong Nuclear Power Group

Delivery dateDecember 2013
Project NameTaishan Nuclear Power Project
End customerEDF and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group
DistributorWant Yip Hong (J&P)
Project locationTaishan, Guangdong, China
Scope of supplyEmperor cable cleats and PRo TEct cable cleats



The Taishan Nuclear Power Project is a joint venture between EDF and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. It is the second nuclear power station to be built using Areva’s 1,750 megawatt EPR. Additionally, it is the second time Areva has used Ellis’ products to secure electrical cables at a nuclear plant. 

Ellis’ first specification for Areva was for its OL3 in Finland in 2009. Later, it was secured as a result of  proven technical expertise and excellent industrial references.

Taishan nuclear power plant


Emperor Cable Cleat

The Emperor Cable Cleat is designed for use where the highest levels of short circuit withstand are required. Ellis’ Emperor cable cleats are available for both trefoil and single cable applications. All products in the range are manufactured in type 316L stainless steel. This means they provide ultimate corrosion protection, even in the harshest of environments.

The patented design of Ellis’ Emperor Cleats enables a quick and easy installation. Furthermore, this design includes an integral LSF zero halogen polymeric liner and base pad that protects and cushions cables during short circuits.

Ellis Emperor Cable Cleat

ProTect Cable Strap

Firstly, Ellis’ ProTect cable straps, which are manufacutred out of 316L stainless steel, are designed for installation between trefoil cleats, such as Emperors. Specifically, they enhance short circuit capabilities, help to retain trefoil formation, and, because they allow for greater fixing distances between cleats, can reduce the installation time and cost.

Ellis ProTect Cable Strap


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