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Product Summary

SERVICE BRAKES (SB) – Installed at the high-speed gear input shaft to hold the load safely.

Main Features:

Patented self-centering of brake levers
Automatic wear compensator
Sintered lining for high friction speeds
Continuously adjustable brake spring with torque scale and wear bushing enclosed in a spring tube
Stainless steel pins and spindles
Maintenance-free bushings in all hinge points
Symmetric design
W-execution (Special anti-corrosion protection)
Technical Drawings: Disc Brake SB 22, SB 23, SB 28.3 with Eldro, SB 28.3 / SB 23.3 with Buel, SB38, Disc Brake SB 8.11 Technical Drawing, Disc Brake SB 8.1 Technical Drawing, Disc Brake SB 8.2 Technical Drawing, Disc Brake SB 8.3,



 Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes SF Series Bubenzer North American Sales company Nasco


SF Brakes:
The high capacity of these brakes makes them particularly suitable as secondary emergency brakes on hoist gears and on downhill conveyor
Other applications are possible in material handling, requiring power and compact design in either direction of rotation, particularly in replacing band brakes
Brakes for use in high duty cycle applications are to be specifically indicated prior to the technical selection procedure.
SF – Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes SF Series

BSC Series:

The high capacity of BSC Series brakes makes them particularly suitable as service or secondary emergency brakes, e.g. on hoists, slewing drives and belt conveyors. Other applications are in material handling, mechanical engineering and wind turbine industry, where high holding forces are required independent of the direction of rotation within limited space.
Downloads: BSC Datasheet


BAC Series:
Applications: Stopping and/or holding of fans, blowers, wind turbines, coilers, crane slewing and travel gears, etc.


SFB Series
Applications: SFB brakes have been used successfully on winch motors in shipbuilding and as safety and service brakes in wharf crane installations
Downloads:  Technical Drawing SFB 6-250, Technical Drawing SFB-SH 6-250, Technical Drawing SFB-SH 400-1000


KFB Series
Applications: The service brake KFB are mainly used on internally and externally cooled motors of traveling, trolley and hoisting gear in crane installations.
Downloads: Datasheet KFB Line, Technical drawing KFB


BHB Series – Hydraulically released band brakes
Applications: Emergency brakes on hoists
Downloads: Technical Drawing BHB, Technical Drawing BHB Hydraulic


Hydraulic Power Units
Applications: Operation of SF and BSC brakes



Applications:Predominant in static uses at shipbuilding industry as holding- or safety- brake and in industrial applications with requirements of small dimensions at heavy duty applications.



Storm brakes are used to prevent a crane from being moved by high winds or gusts


BSZ Series
Applications: Storm brake for cranes, stackers, reclaimers
Downloads: BSZ II Technical Drawing, BSZ Data Sheet


BSB Series – Rail brakes with a holding force of 100 – 300kN
Applications: Storm brake for cranes, stackers, reclaimers
Downloads: BSB Data Shet


RWB 7 Series– Spring applied wheel brake. Braking force ±56 kN.
Applications: Used as a storm brake on all rail mounted equipment, such as cranes, stackers, reclaimers, etc. Direct holding of idle wheels. Particularly where a rail clamp or a rail brake cannot be used.
Downloads: RWB 7 Technical Drawing, RWB 7 Hydraulic – Technical Drawing, RWB 7 Pipe Sample, RWB 7 Data Sheet



Applications: The high capacity of these brakes makes them particularly suitable as rotor brakes in wind turbines


Applications: In Ship & Offshore applications, prepared for switching AC and DC circuits simultaneously, EMC compatible

Downloads: Accessories-Rectifiers Datasheet


Applications: Container cranes, ship winches, automatic racking systems, conveyor belts, general electrical drives.

Downloads: Brake Control Unit BCU2001



Pintsch Bubenzer monitoring systems guarantee the 100% availability of the equipment and minimize maintenance expenses.

BCMS-4 monitoring and switching system

Applications: Container cranes, ship winches, automatic racking systems, conveyor belts, general electrical drives.

Downloads:Brake Control Monitoring System BCMS-4


CMB2-SF Series
Computer monitored brake system for the permanent information on thruster stroke, brake torque / contact force, lining temperature, lining wear and brake disc speed.
Downloads: CMB2-SF


In response to requirements to simplify the maintenance of industrial brakes and at the same time to increase their operational safety, PINTSCH BUBENZER offers a retrofitable, compact electronic status indication system to be integrated into the brake as an additional safety device.
Main Features:
Industrial Display with 4 rows of 20 characters for indication of measurement data and error messages
High ambient temperature range – 20°C to +70°C
Protection class IP66
Internal keypad for parameter change
Up to 5 m cable length from sensor to electronic box. (Option)
Profibus (CMB2-SB only). All scaled measures signals and error bits are transferred by bus system to the main control PLC. No analogue inputs in control PLC are required
Downloads: VSR2-SB/CMB2-SB



Buffers are hydraulic units with damping properties adaptable to a wide range of operating conditions.
Applications: As impact energy absorber on crane gantries, trolleys, stackers, reclaimers and other industrial applications.
Downloads: Gas Hydraulic Buffer BP, Buffer Type BP 65, Buffer Type BP 80, Buffer type BP 100, Buffer Type BP 125



Pintsch Bubenzer Couplings serve for compensating relocation movements and for absorbing torque shocks that occur on starting and under load


LiTec® Disk
Applications: Retrofittable on all PINTSCH BUBENZER hubs and couplings. Also one of the core components for the PB SOS system.
Downloads: Litec Brake Disc
Flexible Coupling Type KHD
Applications: The standard material of the elastic buffers (VKW), is suitable for a temperature range of -30˚C to +100˚C. Elastic buffers provide superb electrical insulating characteristics (e.g. prevents leaking currents)
Downloads: KHD Datasheet
Pintsch Bubenzer Coupling Type K
The brake discs of these flexible couplings can be changed without moving the motor.
Applications: Main and boom hoist, gantry, conveyor belts

Downloads: Type K Data Sheet

Pintsch Bubenzer Coupling Type KBT
The brake discs of these gear couplings can be changed without moving the motor.
Applications: Main and boom hoist, gantry. Resistant to high temperatures. These couplings are for use in machinery where a torsionally rigid torque is required, especially on frequently varying loads and speeds

Downloads: Type KBT Data Sheet, KBT Dimensions and technical data, Coupling Type KBT Spare Parts

Pintsch Bubenzer Hub with Brake Disc Type N and NX
Hubs with a flanged brake disc (N),  hubs with a brake disc (not flanged, type NX).
Applications: All drives, where the brake is not located between motor and gearbox, like brake installation on the second gear box shaft or at the motor end shaft
Pintsch Bubenzer Flexible Couplings with Brake Drums – Type B-EBT and B-GBT

Applications: These couplings are for use in machinery subjected to high dynamic load.

Damping of peak torques and vibrations are further reasons for the use of this coupling type. The standard material of the elastic intermediate ring is suitable for a temperature range of -20 ̊C to +80 ̊c
Downloads: B-EBT + B-GBT Datasheets



Applications:  SOS snag overload system – first non-hydraulic snag protection for container cranes. It eliminates the danger of structural damage starting at the motor, which is beside the brake disc the major source of snag inertia load. In a snag overload case the Malmedie Safety Coupling (MSC) separates the motor drives and their high mass inertia from the gearbox instantly. PINTSCH BUBENZER safety brakes (SF) immediately catch the load and avoid a loss of rope. LiTec® operating brake discs reduce the inertia additionally.



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