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Product Summary

Ellis Cable Cleats and Accessories – For Electrical and Industrial Applications

NASCO provides an expanded selection of cable cleats and accessories through the new partnership with Ellis Patents Ltd, based in the UK. Ellis Patents is known globally for its quality product and excellent customer service.

“A cable cleat is a device designed to provide securing of cables when installed at intervals along the length of the cables.” (IEC 61914 Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations.)

Industries using our cable cleats include power generation and distribution, transportation, water and other utilities, oil and gas (onshore and offshore), defence, OEMs, and others.

Custom made cable cleats are available for different specialist situations. For example if you need mount products onto a non-standard structure, or the application requires cable clamps in a non-standard format or size. We also have requests for a specialist surface treatments, such as painting, plating, or galvanizing.

Just like our standard products, custom made clamps are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, and can be made for special environments, such as high shock load, high or low temperature or large temperature range, tunnel (including railway), unusual or aggressive corrosion of fire.

Ellis Cable Cleats and Accessories Product Downloads

Download Cable Cleat Black Book

Download product brochure Ellis Cable Cleat Product Brochure

Product Videos:

No Bolts Cleat No Bolts Cleat

This product is a fully polymeric cable clamp designed for fast installation. Due to its non-metallic design, the cleat is impervious to ‘bi-metallic corrosion’. It is also suitable for use in the harshest of environments.

Ellis Patents Pegasus Ellis Patents Pegasus – non-metallic modular cable hanger system

The hanger material is a high strength nylon. It conforms to the standard including toxicity, limited oxygen and smoke emission. This product has extruded marine grade aluminum spine, and due to its unique design also offers high strength and rigidity.

Ellis Patents - Cable Guide Clamp Cable Guide Clamp – Cable Guide and Cable Clamp Combined.

Cable Guide Clamps are available for single cable applications that require a cable guide and clamping system for large diameter cables.

Ellis Patents Flexi - Cleat Installation Guide Video Flexi – Cleat Installation Guide

Watch the video below in order to see how to install Flexi-strap cleat. Before ordering, please specify whether you need a standard form (SD) or heavy duty form (HD) of the product.

Ellis Patents Emperor Cable Cleats - Tested at 156kA Video Emperor Cable Cleats – Tested at 156kA

Watch the video to see how Emperor cable cleats perform in the short circuit test!

Emperor cable cleats offer the ultimate protection against the harshest conditions. You can select a cleat either from a standard sizing range or contact us to get a quote for a customized sizing or coating.

Cable Cleats vs Cable Ties Comparison Video Performance of Cable Cleats vs Cable Ties (Stainless Steel)

Finally, see the difference in performance during short circuit test between cable cleats and cable ties.




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