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Why Nasco

NASCO provides products and design specifications for multiple applications, each having its own unique requirements. We specialize in finding the appropriate products and systems per application.

Hazardous Applications: where fire and explosions are not only a threat but also a reality. In these cases, proper electrical termination procedures and equipment are required that are rugged, meet local codes and provide the necessary protection to prevent ignition of surrounding gas or vapor during normal operation.

Ergonomic Solutions: help create better, safer environments and a more efficient workplace. We can offer innovative products that bring the work to the worker, avoiding repetition, lifting, reaching and straining.

Material Handling Solutions: custom engineered equipment that is intelligently designed to work within existing facilities, improving plant efficiency, productivity, safety and profitability. Our products are designed to work with your overhead cranes and other lifting devices. Additional products address shop floor applications, providing solutions to transport, rotate, invert, tilt, or redirect products, keeping production running smoothly.

Automation Solutions:provide smart engineered products that increase productivity of a plant floor line and increase uptime. In these cases, complex cable and hose management systems connect to controls and machines for smoother operation and better output.

Whatever your application needs, NASCO has the experience and knowledge to effectively help you select the appropriate products for optimal performance. Join our list of satisfied customers that rely on NASCO as their supplier of choice.
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North American Sales Company, Inc. is registered with D&B as well as with SAM (Cage Code 7PQ80)
North American Sales Company, Inc. received Supplier Excellence Award by NOV
NOV key Supplier

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